The Conviction To Lead: Introduction Notes & Quotes

“Let me warn you right up front – my goal is to change the way you think about leadership. I do not aim merely to add one more voice to the conversation; I want to fundamentally change the way leadership is understood and practiced.” -Al Mohler

Albert Mohler is one of the brightest voices anywhere. Having listened to his podcast (both The Briefing and Thinking in Public), heard many of his conference messages and sermons, and read articles by him at his web site, I can say that I am never disappointed. He consistently champions a Biblical worldview centered in the Gospel. His breadth of knowledge is astounding. It was said of Theodore Roosevelt that he could talk to almost anyone (botanist, theologians, politicians, etc..) and would amaze them with his understanding of their area of expertise. Mohler strikes me as one with similar talent.

Taking the reins of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as its youngest president was a challenge. Al Mohler was ready. He took a seminary that had drifted into liberalism and brought it back to a robust theological foundation. His leadership and influence stand as a testament to a great God who gifts men with such abilities and places them in strategic positions.

When I saw Mohler’s book “The Conviciton To Lead” pop up on Amazon as a suggestion for me, I paused for a moment. “Look, Al Mohler wrote a book on leadership. How did I miss that?” I said to my wife. Then I noticed the publication date. The book had not been officially published yet. Budgets and frugality kept me from purchasing it, so I added it to my growing wish list on Amazon. When my birthday came around my wonderful wife remembered how much I wanted this book. I read it quickly, without marks or highlights, and was thoroughly impressed. Now it is time for me to revisit the book with pen in hand.

As I read it a second time, I thought I would sketch out thoughts on each chapter. The book is about leadership and my idea is to take the 25 principles Mohler teaches and apply them to my leadership in the home. I invite you to join me for this experiment.


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