4 Rules I (try to) Live By: Introduction

I have always like short sayings that make a point and hold deeper meaning within them. Quotes, mottos, slogans. The ability to pack a lot of information and inspiration into a small space is a skill indeed. Some have an ability with the English language that allows them to do this well. I enjoy reading and learning from them.

My attempt at packing a lot of meaning into a small amount of words has not led to phrases that are beautiful examples of prose, but to a series of life mottos I try to live by. These get packed with meaning as I meditate on them and share them with my children. When I say these phrases, all I have studied, pondered, and read that relates to them comes to mind. They are loaded with meaning for me.

As my children grow, I am attempting to teach them many things. One way I teach them is by sharing these phrases with them and slowly unpacking the meaning behind each one.

I plan to write a short post about each one. Here they are:
1.  Always bring a book
2.  Edification before entertainment
3.  Diligence in worldly business; deadness to the world
4.  Live in the moment, not for the moment


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