News Bulletin: Wyoming Girl Turns Forty In Sacramento

Danette Marie West celebrated her fortieth birthday this weekend.  Born September 16, 1973 Danette celebrated her birthday with members of her family at her home in Sacramento.  Danette has five children, Lydia (14), Abigail (12), Calvin (9), Lincoln (7), and Naomi (2).  She and her husband, Robert David West, are expecting their sixth child on January 4, 2014.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

The six p.m. birthday party was hosted by David and the children on Saturday, September 14.  Danette went shopping with her mother, while David and the children cleaned and decorated.  Abigail made a chocolate cake for her mom.

The event was attended by Danette’s brothers and their families, her parents, her father and mother in law, and her own husband and children.  The total number attending was twenty-five.  Chili was served, followed by the opening of gifts, and then cake and ice cream.

Danette received many nice gifts, among them a lithograph of one of her great aunt’s paintings.  The picture was passed down to her from her grandparents and parents.

Danette’s mother, Edie Black, was asked how it felt to have a forty year old daughter.  She said, “Well, when I was forty, Danette left for college.  She was already gone.”

Asked, “How’s it feel to be forty?”  Danette responded to the interviewer, “I don’t know.  You would know.”

Danette was born in Long Beach California, but lived there for less than a year.  Most of her years as a child were spent in Wyoming.  She still has family there and desires to go back for a visit.  While she was attending college in Texas, her parents moved from Wyoming to Oregon.  Her college roommate, Sarah West, played cupid and introduced Danette to her brother David.

After finishing college, Danette and David married in North Bend, Oregon.  Danette moved to David’s hometown of Sacramento upon returning from their honeymoon in Colorado.  At one time they moved to the Santa Rosa, California area but now live in Sacramento again.

Danette is a stay at home mother and home-schools the children.  Her forty years have not shown themselves physically, but have given her tremendous wisdom.  The heart of her husband trusts in her (Proverbs 31:11).

At 10 p.m. the evening before her birthday she was found in the kitchen preparing a bowl of ice cream.  Her husband, David, said, “Are you really going to eat ice cream right now?”  She responded, “I’m pregnant, I’m turning forty, and so I’m going to eat ice cream!”

Happy Birthday, Danette West!


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