Girls On The Football Field

I heard a about this college student while listening to a Christian music station.  During one of those moments between songs that the broadcasters like to fill with bits of trivia and stories, the woman radio personality was extolling the virtues of Super College Girl.  After telling us this girl is the kicker for a college football team and during halftime changes into her majorette uniform, the broadcaster said, “Now, that’s a woman I would like my girls to meet.”

“Why?” I thought to myself immediately.  “What is worthy of emulation?”

I don’t want my girls to do either – wear a football helmet or twirl a baton while wearing a short skirt.  Our culture is obsessed with the idea that one can be whatever one wants; ambition and achievement are idolized.  If someone sets a goal and achieves it by overcoming obstacles, proving naysayers wrong, breaking glass ceilings, or otherwise ‘succeeding’ we are quick to sing their praises.

Maybe we should stop and ask a fundamental question first.  The question should resemble this one, “We are many, but are we much?”

A person may accomplish many things, but are they things that matter?  Is it fruitful for a girl to play on the boy’s football team?  Besides the physical risks and the awkwardness of the situation, how is this preparing her for life.  Oh, it may prepare her for a life of competition in the workplace.  It may prepare her to meet challenges of one sort or another.  But is she missing out by not investing that time and energy into things God calls women to do?

I say, yes she is.

I realize some people will think me sexist.  My purpose is not to speak against women’s accomplishments in general, but to concern myself with what accomplishments I desire to see my daughters achieve.  Playing on the boys’ team isn’t among them.

I want many things for my girls and there is a person they have met.  This woman is amazing.  The heart of her husband trusts in her.  She works diligently, teaches her children faithfully,  and loves her Savior joyfully.  She invests time making home a haven for her family.  She is content with the Lord’s provision, whether little or much.  She is my wife and my daughters’ mother.

There are other godly women I would like my girls to spend time with, but those playing football aren’t on the list.  Ambition can be good; accomplishing things can be as well – if we are accomplishing things Biblically informed.  God created woman to be keepers at home, not kickers on the field.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not suggesting women can’t work outside the home or that they should be pregnant and in the kitchen unceasingly, but as girls they should be investing time in a direction that leads down a certain path.  That path is the one pilgrimmed by other women who died to the notion that they could have it all, and sacrificed any selfish ambitions for the cause of serving their family and their Savior.

Serving Christ faithfully means doing so in a manner prescribed by His Word.  At this point someone could ask me, “Where does it say women can’t play football?”  Okay, you got me.

Are you kidding me?  Really?  The notion of girls playing against boys in such sports as football or wrestling is evidence of a culture that has lost sight of gender differences and roles designed by God.  This shouldn’t surprise us becasue our culture has lost sight of God altogether.  We in the church are sadly following their blind leadership in too many areas.

My girls are girls and my boys are boys.  God made them so.  I want my girls ambition to be directed toward things that cause them to mature into godly womanhood.  I want them to emulate women who are ambitious, but ambitious for God and the things He gives them to accomplish.  I’m pretty sure kicking a pigskin through a goalpost isn’t one of those things.


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