My Son – The First Decade

My first son turned ten today (11/15/13).  A decade sped by unnoticed to most of the world.

I noticed.

Thinking about the speed of the first ten years, I saw the flash of another decade and then a young man launching out into the world.  I thought of the work done to prepare him and the work left to do – and I felt inadequate.

Today I enjoyed watching him.  Just watching.  Just enjoying.  I saw him at play with his cousin and younger brother.  I watched and let the world of boys unfold before my eyes.  Racing each other. playing spy, climbing trees, and playing chess, were only part of the fun.  Anyone with boys knows the amazement that comes from entering into their world.  A faint remembrance of my own childhood climbed to the surface of my mind as I watched my boy climbing.  Thoughts of days gone by raced through my brain as I watched my boy race across the park.


Today I took time to observe.  Much has been done, yet much is left undone.  Another ten years will speed by and many wonderful memories will be enjoyed.  Those years will be full of opportunities.

In those years Lord, help me to be the father this young man needs; a father worthy of imitation.  Use me, inadequate as I am, to lead him to you.  Give me power, by the Spirit, to walk worthy of your calling and be a picture of a godly husband my son can learn from.

Happy birthday, son.


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