“Boys just come out that way, knowing how to throw a ball and stuff.”

I overheard this comment last week while watching my boys at Little League baseball tryouts.  The statement isn’t exactly true (I spend time each week in an effort to teach my boys how to throw, catch, and bat the ball), but it isn’t entirely false either.  Boys do come out different from girls.

The issues of Biblical manhood and womanhood, or boyhood and girlhood, are important to teach our children, especially as the world is continually blurring the lines between male and female.  News stories abound to tell us that no difference exist between the sexes.  Unisex bathrooms in the public schools are the latest aberration of the clear distinctions instituted by God on day six of creation.

But deep down inside we know male and female come out differently.  Christians know this because it is the revealed  truth of God, but unbelievers know it as well.  The truth they intuitively know rises to the surface of their attention and escapes their lips as they watch young boys and girls during Little League baseball.

My boys and their cousins being silly!

My boys and their cousins being silly!


Fifteen years ago I announced to a co-worker that my wife was pregnant with our first child.  He said, “You’re not going to genderize your kids are you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, honestly not understanding.

“You know; are you going to let your girls play with trucks and your boys play with dolls?”

I don’t recall my answer; I’m sure it was gracious but probably not what he wanted to hear.  We argued over many other things as well.

These issues are important and Christian parents must not take them lightly.  God doesn’t.  Clarity and boldness (and wit and grace alongside) are needed.  Thankfully God speaks to these issues in His Word and doesn’t leave parents without help.

The differences are rooted in God’s created order and to ignore them is to rebel.  We dare not.  Male and female differences are wonderful and should be appreciated and celebrated.  Our homes should model for our children the joy and beauty of God’s design in male and female humanity.  My home fellowship group at church has recently started a study on this topic using the “What’s the Difference” dvd series.

Our adult Sunday school class went through this years ago and I’m excited to go through it yet again.  The material is good, the topic timeless.  This is something we must learn properly and pass on passionately to the next generation.  They need our help navigating these issues amid a hopelessly confused world.


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