Letters From My Daughter

I can’t share the details of her letters.  I haven’t asked her permission.  The contents are private and meant for my eyes only.

Each time I read one of her little notes a part of me…well, I don’t know how to say it.  I’m not sure if a part of me melts, or gets goose bumps, or what it is.  You must experience the thing to know what I mean.

Maybe you have experienced this feeling.  It’s the feeling that happens when several things intersect.  Part one is the love a father has for his baby girl.  Part two happens when that princess has grown to a teenager.  Part the third is finding, at the end of a long work day, a note she left for you tucked under your alarm clock.

I’m lost in that moment.  Waves of emotion overwhelm me.

If you are a father who’s little girl has grown up and still leaves you love notes, then you know the feeling.  If you don’t have such a girl, there is just no way for me to describe the heart melting, joy giving, pride swelling emotion that I felt tonight.

IMG_0595 1 Ryan


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