Worldview and Wall E

The word ‘worldview’ is bounced around often.  It’s the lens through which one perceives the world and includes our convictions, values, and cultural norms.  We all have preconceived ideas about things which we don’t even realize we have.  The formation of our worldview starts early in life and continues throughout.  At times we take deliberate actions to learn about and form convictions about a subject.  At other times our convictions are formed almost imperceptibly, like the growth of an oak.

A few years ago we were watching the Pixar movie Wall E at home.  My daughter was probably 11 years old at the time.  I don’t recall the scene that triggered her comment, but at one point in the movie she said, “I wonder if they made this movie to make a point?”


The movie has a theme of environmental concern running through it and one of the scenes highlighting this concern caused my daughter’s worldview sniffer to react.  I hadn’t said anything negative about the movie, but had tried to teach my children to watch for an author’s or movie producers agenda.  Everyone has a worldview and it shows up in their work.

My daughter’s observation made me happy.  I want to teach my children to be wise consumers of media and to have discernment.  I want to train them to have a Biblical worldview.  Noticing the values promoted in a cartoon movie is one step on this journey.






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