Knowledge By Association

My 3 year old wanted me to hold her. She hadn’t been feeling well, I’d been gone to work all day, and she needed her daddy.

I decided to hold her on my lap and asked, “Can I read a book while I hold you?” She was good with that.

I was at chapter 2 of The Master Plan of Evangelism by Dr. Robert E. Coleman. Holding my daughter on my lap, she sucked her thumb and stared at the pages. I read aloud to her. Dr. Coleman was arguing for a method of ministry modeled by Jesus. The author showed how Jesus called the disciples to follow and watch his life. Jesus was with them, or more properly, the disciples were with Jesus – constantly.


This method of training new believers has been lost to much of the church. Programs and curricula have largely taken the place of life on life example based training. Being close to Jesus as he ministered, showed compassion, and prayed, the disciples were learning many things without formal instruction.

I stopped reading aloud and marked in my margins. Naomi asked, “Why are you drawing on your book?”

I said, “That sentence was really good and I wanted to remember it. I wrote that it was a good sentence.”

The sentence wasn’t the only thing I wanted to remember, the moment was worthy of being captured.

The moment was my daughter sitting with me as I read aloud about the Master’s plan of evangelism. The sentence read, “Knowledge was gained by association before it was understood by explanation.”



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