The Bible Sedimented in the Bones

I hope the speech referenced in this article is made available online. Russell Moore makes some great points. My favorite is about teaching the next generation to respond to challenges in the world not by looking to the Bible as a rulebook but having the Bible sedimented into their bones.

This is not a distinction of semantics but a vital truth. The Bible needs to be more to our children than a list of do’s and don’ts. It truly is more than such a list; it’s the Word of God to man, a revelation of Divinity to humanity. For the Bible to be loved and cherished by our children it must be loved by us first. We set the example.

I like the word picture of the Bible sedimented in the bones. It pictues something settled and abiding. Sediment is solid material that is suspended in liquid and left behind by the flow or evaporation of the liquid.

Imagine that the means of delivering the Scriptures to your children is the liquid. Family devotions and the local church are the main carriers of the Word – the liquid in which it is suspended. As we read the Bible to our children, as they memorize it as part of their Sunday School program or at our request, as they hear the Scripture expounded faithfully in church week after week something is left behind and settles. The weekly church meetings will blur into the past, family devotions will be fondly remembered but also blurred. A particular point you attempted to make or an illustration given by the pastor will be difficult to recall days from now, but the sediment will remain.

Parents who are faithful can trust God’s Word to do it’s work in their children. They can trust God to accomplish the purpose for His Word – the revelation of Himself to humanity. Don’t give up parent. Don’t give in to exhaustion and frustration. Keep proclaiming the truth of God’s Word to the next generation. By doing so the Scripture is being molded into the bones of your children’s lives.




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