Where’s My Bible

My wife held our two year old girl on her lap during church this morning. When my daughter is quiet and not too wiggly we let her stay in the service. She like to be with us and says, “I don’t want to go to my class” when we pull into the church parking lot. Her “class” is the nursery.

The volunteers in the nursery are wonderful and we put her in nursery when it’s necessary. But we also think it’s important for her to learn to sit still and quiet in church – even at two.

Our church includes a Scripture reading as part of the service. Several men rotate and read in front of the congregation. This morning the reader was one of our elders. He asked us to open our Bibles to Philippians chapter two and follow along as he read.

It’s important to teach our children the value of the Word of God. As Christians our lives are centered on God’s Word. By it we are challenged, comforted, strengthened, and changed. Teaching our children the value of God’s Word can be done in various ways. This morning I realized our public reading was a benefit to all but in a special way it benefits the young. Those who can’t even read get a sense of the importance of the text when a room full of people are standing with Bibles in hand and listening to God’s Word.

This morning we stood for the Scripture reading. I reached for my Bible as my two year old said, “Where’s my Bible?” My wife and I were quick to tell her to be quiet in church. She was unfazed and asked again for her Bible. We grabbed her picture book Bible from her diaper bag and handed it to her. She seamed very pleased to have her Bible in hand like everyone else.

The reading had begun and I was still opening my Bible to Philippians. Just as I found it a hand reached up from my right side giving me a pocket New Testament. My four year old daughter wanted me to help find the right place in her Bible. I found Philippians chapter two and handed it back to her.

My four year old doesn’t read but just like the two year old she seemed very pleased to be doing what everyone else was doing.

I was pleased as well. It was a happy moment to have my four year old looking at her pocket New Testament and my two year old looking at her picture Bible as the man up front read about Christ.




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