I’m David West and here’s a little about me and David’s Inkwell.

•My life is defined first and foremost by my relationship to Christ. I am a disciple and ambassador. I love my local church and help teach the adult Sunday School.

•I am the husband to Danette. She is more than I deserve; I thank the Keeper of the Stars for her.

•Father of four girls, two boys. I am an ordinary dad who serves an extraordinary God.

•I love books; not just any books, but books that edify, instruct, encourage, inspire, and challenge or transform my thinking. And I like to write.

•My blog is dedicated to other ordinary dads who are raising their kids for Christ. Blog posts will be filled with many things I am passionate about but will lean in the direction of encouraging and inspiring others and highlighting resources that our household has found valuable in pointing the next generation to Christ.